You will get complete and meticulous painting and attention to detail from Clarence Cibella, native Rochesterian and owner of Complete Painting.

      With over 25 years of experience, Clarence knows painting! “We are absolutely thorough, and do everything it takes to get the job done right.”  The entire staff are trained, full time career professionals. We will work in a family friendly manner, keeping to timelines and cleaning at the end of each day.  Our work areas and job sites, no matter what the project, are always kept neat and orderly.  The only way you will know we were there is by the progress we have made that day!

      Clarence believes that communication is the key to a good relationship and a satisfied customer.  Craftsmanship and service are the number one thing that sets us apart from any other company.  Clarence will personally stand behind all of his work.  Our philosophy is simple– Listen to the customer!

“We love to see their excitement when the job is done.”


Contact Us:

320 North Washington Street

Suite 115

Rochester, New York 14625

Phone: 585-586-2520

Fax: 585-586-2520